YOUSA Today: #LiveForToday YOUSA Today: #LiveForToday

YOUSA Today: #LiveForToday

Paul Daggett

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You’ve just arrived at the headquarters of USA Today.

As most newspapers, USA Today is struggling with the digital revolution. Through different channels we are receiving an overload of information; blogs, Twitter, Facebook,… Even newspapers have their own news website filled with the latest news and more. Due to websites and 24/7 information availability, the paper version of the newspaper is being pushed more and more to the background. Nevertheless, they remain a more qualitative advertising channel because the attention level of people is higher and ‘banner blindness’ is lower.

Therefore, USA today wants to find a way to get people to read the paper version again.


Lead generation + sales

Convince the readers of USA Today to buy the paper version of the newspaper again. Increase paper sales without dishonoring their own online news channels.

Create a story that fits into the new trend of arts & crafts, mindfulness, multi- use… Connect with your audience in an engaging way and activate them. Tone- of-voice cannot be dull but should be sharp and fresh.


Develop a campaign that increases sales of the paper version. Present your case through a conceptual idea that is elaborated throughout the different communication channels you think are best appropriate. You are free to redefine the role of the newspaper to strengthen the appeal to the target group.