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Our roots are very much about know-how. Knowledge is still the basis of what we do and the source of our branding power. Therefore we constantly strive to expand our own know-how and share these insights with you. We definitely like spreading the word! One way we do this is through our books. Go on and discover all this bundled brand insight!


Brandhome method® lite book

We compressed over 50,000 man-hours of strategic and creative experience into an integrated approach for guaranteed results in brand building. The Brandhome method® is a step-by-step guide from defining your vision to knowing your go-to-market.

This book is a DIY tool for marketers in any stage of any process. The Brandhome method® lite edition is our way of responding to a changing market. Our clients are no longer looking for an agency that will lead them through the basics of branding, so we want to democratize the process by putting our method out there.

In 'Triple-A' we trust

The world is a mess, trust is out the window, spending is low, money is scarce and markets are driven by low-budget sales. People and businesses alike are holding their breath about the future. Could things get any worse? Actually, things couldn't be better! This is the absolute best time for a brand to make the transition from being "just a brand" to being a real Triple-A brand and launching a new era of brand marketing.

Triple-A is about balancing three elements to create a strong brand: Authenticity, Accountability and Activation. In today's modern world – and especially tomorrow's – these three elements are essential to gaining and keeping the trust of your audience.

Triple Trade Mark Survival Pack

The Triple Trade Mark Survival Pack combines the Brandhome method® lite edition and the Triple-A book in one convenient pack. The method and the philosophy: a great marriage that will improve your knowledge and enrich your marketing vision.

The Story Wars

Marketers! Advertising agencies! My brothers and sisters. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of marketers fails, when we forsake our brands and they crash, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered companies when our ability to connect to our stakeholders fails! But it's not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, stand and tell your stories, Marketers of the World!

Two marketing buddies
walked into Buddha

Two top international marketers meet in a bar … they start talking and see in each other a passion for brand marketing. For a whole year, they bombard each other with ideas on life, the universe and … the meaning of brands and marketing. This book is the fascinating story of their intense dialogue, written in a unique storytelling style that captures the speed at which they live their lives. From Antwerp to Dubai … to the world!

Join Erik and Kurt on their 365-day marketing journey across 51 cities, 17 countries, 4 continents and 8 time zones.




The Brandhomies (as our teammates are known) frequently appear at national and international events and conferences to share their knowledge. This could be anything from a short introduction on a specific theme to an intensive training program for employees with our "mobile Brandhome academy." Our training and development programs are 100% tailored to your needs and based on our proven Brandhome method®. The right training and development programs are the missing piece of the puzzle, making the difference between successful brands and … everybody else.

Quote Quote Know-how

Brand tests

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power – and knowing what you know is the first step towards getting it. We've developed several tests that measure your performance on different aspects of branding. Take the tests now and see how you measure up!


method® test

How's your marketing knowledge? The Brandhome method® test is a short questionnaire about each step in the branding and marketing process. After completing this test, you'll get a detailed score indicating how well you perform at each step and where you can improve most. Curious about your level of brand knowledge? Take the test now!

How Triple-A

is your brand?

A strong brand is a Triple-A brand: Authentic, Accountable and Activating. But how Triple-A is your brand? Discover how well your brand scores in each category and compare your results with those of other brands. Our benchmarks are based on the results of numerous international brands that have tested their Triple-A score.

How (l)awful is

your branding IQ?

This quiz was developed in cooperation with the international law firm Loyens & Loeff. It is a multimedia questionnaire on "Boks," a fictional brand designed to test your knowledge of the legal aspects of branding.



Knowledge, free for the taking!

Brandhome likes giving. Because knowledge isn't knowledge when it's not shared. In that case it's just a bunch of letters, put together as words, put together in a PowerPoint presentation. That's why we want to give away some of our own insights by sharing with you the things we learn when we go places. You can find presentations we've created about some of these topics below. Up to you to use them as inspiration, education … or whatever you like!