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The story behind the brand

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If you’re expecting a traditional agency, you can stop reading now. Right now!

Brandhome goes way beyond the traditional. We direct our special brand forces, change impossible into possible, and turn brands into lifestyles. Brandhome offers strategic and creative solutions for brands, whether in or out of their existing market environment. This also applies to us. More than just an agency, we are a lifestyle and belief system. Because in order to build a brand, you need to be a brand. That’s why we take our own brand seriously.

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Our mindset

Where everybody goes left,
we go right.
And where everybody goes right,
we go … unright.

We are unconventional and rebellious in everything we do. This mindset helps us find strategic and creative solutions that are different and therefore effective for your brand, anytime, anywhere.

You're a specialist when it comes to your own market, we're specialists when it comes to marketing and branding. Let's get together and start a strategic, creative process that leads to bigger and better solutions. There is nothing that can't be done. Brandhome will add to your team the know-how of over 1,000 brand-marketing projects all around the world.

It is our belief that co-creation leads to the best solutions. Know-how synergy generated when we get together leads to ideas that work for your brand, which leads to profitable growth.


Our past

Where we come from

Erik Saelens founded Brandhome in 1995 as an online knowledge institute. The original aim was to collect and consolidate information on branding worldwide in a single online platform and make it easily accessible to professionals with an interest in brand management.

Brandhome later evolved from a free knowledge network into a brand consultancy company. The need to integrate customer solutions and implementation encouraged the agency to go further than consultancy alone, at which point Brandhome became a full-service brand focusing on what we do best: strategy and design.

Erik Saelens

Erik Saelens

founder & executive strategic director

Nicoline Spruijt

Nicoline Spruijt

managing partner & strategic director

Nicoline Spruijt

Frieke Trompet

strategy manager

Niels Linhart

Niels Linhart

creative director

Executive team

Our mission

We ensure profitable growth for our customers' brand(s).

Our mission is the success of the brands we work for. That's why we don't pursue creative awards. Because we don't want creativity to get in the way of effectiveness. Strategies and concepts should work together to benefit the brand in the long run. Profitable growth is therefore our ultimate measure of success. Our teams are small, but no challenge is too big!


Brandhome museum

We value our roots

Our history is nestled in our company and has made us what we are today. Brandhome has evolved in many ways over the past decades. Because each step we've taken has been inspired by the way our brand and our business was evolving. That's why we've brought the Brandhome museum to life. Don't worry. No musty odors or expensive entry fees here! A working internet connection and loads of curiosity will do the job.

The Brandhome museum is the digital repository of our brand's history. It unites the different websites that have presented us since 1995. Take a tour through our digital museum and discover more about who we are and where we come from.