Duffel Terra: Never Yield Duffel Terra: Never Yield

Duffel Terra: Never Yield

Humberto Belli

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You just landed in Belgium to get to know Duffel (coats). Then you fly back to the US to introduce the brand over there.

Most of you will know the Duffel coats. Along with the trench coat and the parka, the duffle coat must be one of the most recognizable items of outerwear. It’s made from a coarse woolen fabric and features wooden toggles instead of buttons or a zipper. But did you know duffle coat refers to Duffel, a town in the province of Antwerp? That’s where, for centuries, this rough material was made. It left its traces in language as well: the Dutch verb ‘induffelen’ means ‘to wrap up against the cold’.


Attention / Brand Awareness

Create a new (fictive) brand, claiming the original “Duffel” from Antwerp, Belgium to introduce into the American market. The entire positioning of the brand is up to you, but be aware that the budget of the Belgian company is smaller than its American competition. You will have to compete against large domestic market brands like Levi’s, GAP, American Apparel etc. using payoffs like “Original duffel” and “made in Belgium” as unique selling proposition.


Develop an affordable communication concept to launch the Duffel brand in F/W season 2016 that competes with large American outerwear brands, using the Belgian identity. The goal is to engage Americans to use an imported product from a small Belgium company, instead of choosing for big global brands.