TomTom Bandit: video editing on the fly TomTom Bandit: video editing on the fly

TomTom Bandit: video editing on the fly

Matt Neustadter & Tico

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You fly to Belgium to be part of the creative team behind the TomTom Bandit.

GoPro is a well-known and popular action camera. It’s used during festivals, snowboarding, surfing, … Recently TomTom launched its own action camera, the

TomTom Bandit. The Bandit allows you to mark highlights while filming. The Bandit app automatically edits all the highlights in to one movie. This makes it very easy to instantly share your movie on social media.


Community building

TomTom is solely known for its portable navigation systems. Since smartphones made this technology widespread and free, TomTom satnavs became redundant. They had to reinvent themselves by moving into new categories like sport watches and action camera’s that use GPS connectivity as a secondary function. With the TomTom Bandit they want to be unique and make action movies easy.

Build a community around the TomTom Bandit that everybody wants to be part of. Attract the same public as the GoPro but use the Bandits’ feature of ‘shake & edit’ to convince them.


Develop a communication concept that puts uses a unique proposition. Attract a young audience (14-35) that likes festivals, extreme sports, … Use appropriate communication channels for your campaign. The goal is to create a big community that uses the TomTom Bandit (instead of a GoPro).