PrimaDonna: take control of sexy! PrimaDonna: take control of sexy!

PrimaDonna: take control of sexy!

Yeiniz Nevarez

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You fly to Belgium to be part of the creative team behind PrimaDonna.

PrimaDonna is a Belgian based brand devoted to women’s curves, offering bras with cup sizes up to ‘J’. Their lingerie is sold worldwide, meets the highest quality standards and is said to be one of the best brands for women with bigger breasts.

Although the brand has invested much into beautiful designs and models, it still has the perception of being a corny brand for older people. Nevertheless, protecting your ‘future’ breasts starts at a young age. And since the average cup size is increasing, the need for a good bra becomes more and more important. That’s why PrimaDonna wants to attract a younger target audience by fighting the prejudice of being ‘old-fashioned.

Since the brand has a quality that surpasses every other brand, we know people become loyal after having experienced the product. In our campaign we indirectly want to deposition other brands that do not ‘take care’ of your breasts. And this without starting a head to head fight with these other brands.



Introduce PrimaDonna to a younger target audience: 15-35y. The primary goal of this campaign is to convince them for a trial, by reducing the barriers to buy a rather expensive bra (compared to big retail brands who are in a lower segment). Communicate in an engaging, young and fresh way.


Develop a communication concept that engages the youngsters in a fresh, feminine and qualitative way. You will have to think broad. On the one side you’ll need a concept that attracts youngsters, but on the other hand, you may not lose the existing target audience.