USA Police: unfuck the world USA Police: unfuck the world

USA Police: unfuck the world

Paul Daggett

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In Europe, there has been a lot of negative press around the police in the USA. Severe (perceived) violence against Afro-Americans has been dominating the image of the police force, and thus also the USA. The Afro-American community on their side has been portrayed as a community with a strong and negative attitude towards policemen as a result of the incidents.

Both sides of course are facing major stereotypes against each other, pushing them further away from each other. From the media coverage, it seems like Afro-Americans are being treated differently because of their ethnic background and the prejudices that come with it. Policemen on the other hand are seen as one homogeneous group of people, driven by superiority and racist views.

Just like in any situation, simplifying the world in this way is not a good basis to start from. Therefore, the USA government would like to change this.


It is your job to develop an original campaign that succeeds in breaking these stereotypes. The ultimate goal is to break the current vicious circle and make both groups respect each other and start interacting with one another in a more positive way. Next to influencing these two target groups, the campaign should succeed in turning around the negative perception of other groups (and media) by showing a positive image.


Develop an out of the box campaign that is based on the same ‘big idea’ to reach and influence these specific target groups. You can make use of any communication channel you want, but be aware: you are talking to a very large and widespread audience. Basically you are talking to everyone everywhere. So make sure your proposal is scalable.