Pink Brand of the Year: Miami is getting pinker Pink Brand of the Year: Miami is getting pinker

Pink Brand of the Year: Miami is getting pinker

Joao Magalhaes & Zuheir Kotob

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You’re in the lead of the creative cell of Brandhome’s ‘Pink Brand Of The Year’ in the US. In Belgium it’s already a well-know award show. That’s why we want you to host this award show in the US. You can benefit from the heritage of the Belgian show.

The goal of PBOTY is to reward brands that are most valued by the LGBT- community. As you will know, this community is a very valuable group because of their spending power, feeling for ‘progressive brands’ and open mind. At Brandhome we also see this initiative as a way to get to know the LGBT- community as consumers, and connect to the existing LGBT-media. This community is an often-neglected target group. But these people are very up-to- date with the latest trend and often are the first ones to implement them.


Brand awareness

The upcoming show for PBOTY is on September 17th in Miami (fictive). You will need to make the whole of Miami aware of this show; not only the LGBT- community but also the C-level of the elected brands*. Convince them to take a look at the website/soc. media, participate to the election and attend the award show. Both target groups should be addressed by a message that is relevant to them, but lies within the same concept.

Keep in mind that your budget is limited: so you cannot use expensive paid media (TV / Radio / …) unless you find a cheap way.


Develop a communication concept that is in line with the PBOTY identity. Translate this concept into an integrated campaign that has the ability to create brand awareness with free exposure and leads people to the show. For this assignment you will have to work on two levels: a targeted approach towards the LGBT-community and another targeted approach to address the c-level whose brands are elected.