Raider: better chew on it Raider: better chew on it

Raider: better chew on it

Alvaro Florez

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As in most countries, Belgium knows the two-legged candy with chocolate and caramel as ‘Twix’. The candy is now facing serious downfall in sales. Therefore the brand wants to connect to the young audience again. But instead of going the traditional way of rejuvenation, Twix chooses another route.

They decide to delve into their past and reintroduce the brand name ‘Raider’. Nevertheless they do not want to be positioned as an old brand. They want to connect an old brand with new stories of young people.


Brand awareness

Introduce the old name ‘Raider’ towards youngsters between 16 and 25 years old. The primary goal of this campaign is increasing brand awareness for Raider, and associating it with the right proposition: a young brand that is fun and engaging.

Raider wants to connect to youngsters within their world. Therefore they want to create new stories in the online communication channel. Once youngsters are addressed in the right way, we want to activate them in buying the candy online.


Develop a campaign that succeeds in rebranding ‘Twix’ into ‘Raider’ with a focus on online. Present your case through a conceptual idea that is elaborated throughout the different communication channels you think are most appropriate.