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“What if sea levels rise?” “What if sea levels rise?”

“What if sea levels rise?”

Eneco to the rescue!

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“Will I have to go to school by boat? Or will we all live underwater? And will the penguins come live with us?” Children are starting to ask thought-provoking questions about climate change. What kind of world do we want the next generation to grow up in?

After launching an entirely new concept last spring, sustainable energy supplier Eneco and Brandhome now further developed the idea of giving the word to those who will have to live with the consequences of our actions: the next generation. Check the campaign below, switch to 100% green, local energy and invest in a brighter future for all.

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Ice caps melting, rising sea levels, penguins having nowhere to go, … Brandhome developed new creative concepts, did the photoshoot, wrote radio commercials, designed online banners and created online videos to make people aware of their purchasing behavior. Our call to action? Slower your carbon footprint by  switching to 100% green and local energy and invest in a brighter future for us all. Check the media outlets below.

Online videos (NL)


Online videos (FR)


Radio commercial (NL)


Radio commercial (FR)