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“Will my ice cream melt faster?” “Will my ice cream melt faster?”

“Will my ice cream melt faster?”

Eneco lets the #NXTGEN speak

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We all know we should take better care of our planet. Still, we don’t like to think about our own impact on the environment. Through local and green energy, Eneco offers you an easy solution to contribute to a better future for our children.

In the new campaign Brandhome developed, Eneco gives the word to those who will have to live with the consequences of our actions: the next generation. The importance of these choices is made clear with childish logic: “Will my ice cream melt faster due to global warming?” or “Will I never have to wear a jacket when going to school?” With these simple questions, we want Belgians to reflect about the choices they make.

In cooperation with Eneco, Brandhome developed the concept as well as all the communication outlets including radio commercials, outdoor advertising, online bannering and online video’s. We also consulted Eneco during the strategic track and the internal branding. Check it out below!

Radio commercial (NL)

Internal communication

Telenet pause button


Online video (NL)



TV commercial (FR)