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No 4D experience without 3D No 4D experience without 3D

No 4D experience without 3D

Tom De Meester (RNDR) speaks at eurobest 2015

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A 360-degree brand experience is the combination of all the intangible and emotional benefits plus all the tangible touch points. For many brands, retail space is still the main touch point with their customers. Turning that space into an experience embodying a brand’s identity is how you build lasting bonds with customers.

The two worlds – the intangible and tangible brand assets – are successfully and seamlessly merged by translating the spaces in which the brand operates so that the brand stands for the same set of attributes at every touch point. RNDR (part of the Brandhome group) develops 3D experiences that do more than just implement a brand’s visual identity. It translates a sharpened version of the brand’s story into designs and spaces. This is what creates a 4D brand experience. Head to this session to discover it for yourself.

Tom De Meester is Chief Architect at RNDR (part of the Brandhome group)