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Brandhome teaches at Miami Ad School 2016 Brandhome teaches at Miami Ad School 2016

Brandhome teaches at Miami Ad School 2016

Brandhomies invited to inspire young ad makers at the world’s most renowned ad school

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After last year’s inspiring summer edition, Brandhomies Erik, Elise and Pieter are invited for the second time in a row to teach some of the most promising “ad(wo)men” at the Miami Ad School in February 2016. With a passion for storytelling (both conceptual and creative) Brandhome hopes to inspire these young people and help prepare them for their future in advertising.

During a series of workshops, we will guide students through our challenging briefings to sharpen them strategically, creatively and conceptually. Like last year, Brandhome expects this edition to be an enriching experience that inspires students to give the best of themselves in this fast-paced world. Want to know what a success last year’s edition was? Check it out here! And if you want to be the first to know about the insights and adventures of the Brandhomies, keep an eye on our social media in February!

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