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Meaningful brands need purpose conscious media Meaningful brands need purpose conscious media

Meaningful brands need purpose conscious media

Erik speaks at Get tomorrow in Finland

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How to build a meaningful brand? Google could give you answers, but no solutions. Luckily, The Marketing of Meaning by Erik Saelens will. But for his keynote at the Get tomorrow conference in Helsinki, Finland, Erik took it a step further. Our Founder and Executive Strategic Director shared his vision of what we at Brandhome call “purpose conscious” media.

Because in a world where anxiety is up, trust is down and positivism seems sometimes far away, media need to become more aware of the fundamental role they play in supporting brands in their quest to become and remain meaningful.

Brands don’t change the world. It’s the people behind brands who do. Brands leveraged through the right media increase not only the impact but also the determination of these people. They’re determined to reshape the world according to their vision – and purpose conscious media give them the tools they need to succeed.

Want to learn more about purpose conscious media? Watch Erik’s announcement, discover his entire keynote below and check the slides here.

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