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Jobinson kick–starts your job adventure Jobinson kick–starts your job adventure

Jobinson kick–starts your job adventure

USG People welcomes a new brand to the family

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The start of your career can feel a bit like the start of an adventure. Scary yet exciting. Jobinson is a new brand in the USG People family guiding youngsters at the start of their career. Jobinson has got everything you are looking for in a job: certainty, but without a bore-out. The best of both worlds!

USG People introduced Jobinson as a challenging job adventure for young, ambitious graduates. It offers them the chance to develop and grow expertise at many different companies in a variety of job functions, but with the certainty of a fixed salary.

Brandhome teamed up with USG People to sharpen the strategic concept and turned it into a real brand. Creatively, we took the idea of your career as an adventure quite literally. The entire visual identity is very playful and is based on a treasure map guiding youngsters during their first steps in the dangerous working world.

Strap on your boots and check out Jobinson’s website!