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Brandhome research: Antwerp voted best shopping city Brandhome research: Antwerp voted best shopping city

Brandhome research: Antwerp voted best shopping city

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To which city do you go to grab a drink? And in case it escalates, where do you go for a pub crawl? Brandhome asked Belgians about their city of choice for multiple activities and mapped the ‘city experience value’.

The most eye-catching result of our research is that a large majority of Belgians is proud of their own city. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people from the province of Antwerp are the most explicit fans of their city. Out of the 20 categories, people from Antwerp would do 17 of them in their home city. People from Flemish-Brabant tend to like Leuven less and are more likely to leave their province for certain activities. But the city that is strikingly the least popular amongst Flemish people, is Brussels. Despite its countless bars and restaurants, Belgium’s capital is at the bottom of the list for a drink or a cozy dinner.

Want to party? Then Ghent is the place to be. Both for a good pub crawl as for a wild night out, Belgians head to Ghent. Hasselt is seen as a calmer, quite boring city. There is one category where all Belgians agree upon. For a romantic weekend, we all go to Bruges. Yet in general, Antwerp is seen as the most popular city in Flanders. For dinners, to go shopping, a good concert and even to find drugs, people prefer to go to Antwerp. On top of that: Antwerp has the most beautiful men and women, and the best one-night stands.

Brandhomie Jan Lammens: “Cities can be seen as brands. More money goes into city marketing today than ever before. After all, cities compete with each other every single day. For instance, when you go shopping in Ghent, you can’t spend your money in another city. Brandhome now mapped the ‘city experience value’. With these results, municipalities know the strengths and weaknesses of their city, and can get to work to grow their city, as well as their brand.

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