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Here comes a 5’2 with a mouth of a 6’2. Here comes a 5’2 with a mouth of a 6’2.

Here comes a 5’2 with a mouth of a 6’2.

10 questions to Charlotte

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Charlotte, where do you live?

I live in an old house on the countryside, surrounded by cow turds. It’s nice and quiet. And it smells better than you’d think. Or I’ve lost my sense of taste and smell years ago.

What’s the difference between your previous job and now? 

The main difference, and it’s a big one, is that I have one now.

What did you study and how was your student life? 

I studied illustration and majored in graphic design. Weirdly enough I don’t consider myself to be either an illustrator or graphic designer. I’m still figuring things out. In the meantime I pretend to be a junior art director at Brandhome, and I’d like to think my performance is pretty believable!

Charlotte, describe your life in three words? 

Describe my what?

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Christoph Waltz for some reason. He has a handsome face. I like interesting faces.
AND he’s a great actor.

Is there a nice fact we need to know about you?

I’m legally blind. I’m a danger to society and mostly to myself whenever I’m taking a shower.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

I like to spend my spare time ruling my cult of cats as their supreme leader.
I also like to pollute my eyeballs with bad movies, dumb YouTube videos and anime.

Describe a silly/ odd/ strange habit of you.

I’m always wearing earphones to cancel out my surroundings.
I also like to watch other people game instead of gaming myself. I think it’s pretty relaxing.

What would you do when you woke up like a man for one day?

How do you wake up like a man? I’m already bad at waking up like a normal, functioning person!

How would your family/friends describe you? 

Pretty f*cking weird but a sweetheart.