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Aaaaand… the Gnomerrari crosses the finish line! Aaaaand… the Gnomerrari crosses the finish line!

Aaaaand… the Gnomerrari crosses the finish line!

A recap of the Gumball 3000

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All good things come to an end and so has the Gumball 3000. After 6 days of fun, fame and ferocious race cars, the Gnomerrari finally reached its destination: Bucharest. Created by the Brandhome team, the Gnomerrari illustrates our ideas on meaningful marketing and vividly demonstrates Brandhome’s atypical branding and storytelling style. And boy do we have a lot of stories to tell after this rally! Brandhome founder Erik Saelens went all the way. But he didn’t travel alone. His buddy, the BrandGnomie, was constantly by his side. Let’s take a look at their rip-roaring journey.


Day 1 – Dublin, 10 am. Let the rally begin! But before the supercars took off, we got a chance to meet some superstars, including David Hasselhoff and DJ Afrojack, who were also participating in the Gumball 3000.




Next stop, Belfast and Edinburgh. After a 6 am arrival and a long day of driving, it was time to blow off some steam. Literally.




Day 2 – London, are you ready for us tonight? But first, a nice lunch at Manchester City Etihad Stadium.

We arrived in London at 8 pm. Regent Street was closed down for the day to make way for the Gumball rally, enabling us to witness central London from an inspiring point of view, show off our Gnomerrari and set London tongues a-wagging with a Gnomie story to remember.


Day 3 – Next stop: Europa-Park. To get there, we drove through Luxembourg, making a pit stop at a service station. There we met the Knight Rider himself, David Hasselhoff, who decided it was time to swap the driver’s seat for the hood. And we thought we were atypical!


Day 4 – Today’s schedule: driving from Europa-park to Prague. But first, it’s time to show off our Gnomerrari at the Tuning World Bodensee Press day.

After the finish in Prague, we parked our car to get a good night’s sleep. Only to prepare for the last leg of the journey.




Day 5 – Today it’s time for some #hungaroring! At this F1 circuit, we got a chance to really explore the Gnomerrari’s capacities to the fullest. Ready, set, GNOme!

Last stop of the day: Budapest.

Day 6 – Last day! After a brief stop at a checkpoint in the historic Romanian town of Sibiu in Transylvania, we crossed the epic finish line in Bucharest and ended the rally with a bang. What a rally!


Gumball 3000 was an epic journey that allowed us to demonstrate our non-traditional mind-set and show the world more about meaningful marketing – all with the help of our spectacular Gnomerrari.

How did Brandhome implement meaningful marketing in the Gumball 3000? Check it out here!

If you want to see more adventures of Erik and the BrandGnomie, you can find a detailed photo report on Brandhome’s Facebook page.