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Tech Tour 2015


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Thank you for participating in this study!

The Benelux Tech Tour will take place May 19-21 2015 in Antwerp (Belgium) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) and will showcase 75 world-class, high-tech, innovative companies from Benelux, top international speakers, and regional entrepreneurs who share the story of their success. Over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, cluster managers, start-up incubators, private bankers, fund managers from Benelux, wider Europe, the USA and Asia will be present.

As keynote speaker at this event, Erik Saelens from Brandhome will be talking about the future of marketing and technology wrapped around the following statement: The day technology can do better marketing, marketing will get better … and finally disappear.

To prepare for this presentation Brandhome is conducting a survey to gain new insights.

The results will be presented at the Benelux Tech Tour on May 20 and published on the Brandhome website on May 21.