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Forget Ferrari: Brandhome drives a Gnomerrari! Forget Ferrari: Brandhome drives a Gnomerrari!

Forget Ferrari: Brandhome drives a Gnomerrari!

Meaningful marketing at its best

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Brandhome founder Erik Saelens joins the Gumball 3000! This year’s road trip has the Gumballers traveling a 3000-mile journey with fabulous pimped cars across seven European countries. From April 30th till May 7th, Erik is driving from Dublin to Bucharest with his fellow car lovers.

Gnomerrari = (Brand)Gnome + Ferrari

For this Gumball edition, the Brandhome team hops into a Gnomerrari to illustrate our ideas about Meaningful Marketing. Information overload is becoming a threat to our society. What are the causes of information overload? How can brands really make their messages matter? Meaningfulness is all about content, and content is about telling stories. Experiencing great things generates great stories. Don’t think, just do!

With our BrandGnome and the Gnomerrari we show how out-of-the-box thinking becomes out-of-the-box doing. Where everybody goes left, we go right. Where everybody goes right, we go … unright! The Gnomerarri embodies this mindset. If you want to know whether Erik and his Gnomerarri are kicking ass, you can follow his trip on Brandhome’s Facebook page.

Erik is busy writing a new story for his upcoming book: (Un)Meaningful Marketing. This book will appear by the end of 2016 and will reveal the secrets of Meaningful Marketing.

Want a sneak peak? In May, Erik will speak on this topic at the EXMA conference in Colombia. Want to know more about Erik’s keynote speech at this great South American marketing event? Check it out here!