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Congratulations Miami Ad School professional! You’ve been selected to work with us for the next week. Below you can find all necessary information! Good luck!

Step 1: like and follow us on our social media

And get a little BrandGnomie!

Step 2: get the brief

You got assigned one briefing that you can find underneath. Assemble a team to work on your brief.

Step 3: download the presentation format

We made up a structure in PowerPoint or KeyNote format that you should follow. Reference to Brandhome at Miami Ad School on every slide.

Step 4: final delivery

  • Tuesday we expect you to present us your initial ideas.
  • On Thursday we expect you to present your work in no more then 15 minutes. Convince us like we would be your client.
  • The final presentation (both editable document and PDF) and all related files (e.g. HTML website, InDesign packages…) should be uploaded to our Brandhome WeTransfer. Send it to

Some final notes

  • You are solely responsible for the quality of the output, of course you’re allowed to assemble a team.
  • We’re available to provide feedback, contact us via the details below. We’re not going to do your work.
  • Throughout this week post and share via Instagram and Twitter your experiences, progress, fun moments, sad moments… with hashtag #BHMASLife. You can find the feed here. In short: share, learn and tell the world!

Contact details

The Brandhome team is available for feedback or questions. Below you can find our contact information. We’re around Miami Ad School this week for face to face contact.

We work in two teams responsible for dedicated briefings:

TEAM 1 – briefings 02, 04, 06, 08, 09 & 11

TEAM 2 – briefings 01, 03, 05, 07, 09 & 10

Brandhome know-how

Indulge yourself in our know-how with our free e-books. Get them here!

Get crackin’

Good luck!