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Parents as unexpected brand influencers. Parents as unexpected brand influencers.

Parents as unexpected brand influencers.

New Brandhome research about generational brand loyalty.

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When it comes to brands, children attach great value to their parents’ opinions. Brandhome research shows that Belgian youngsters adopt the brands their parents use. This is mostly because of their positive experiences with the brand while growing up.


No one knows better than mom and dad

Nine out of ten youngsters are customers of the same health and insurance funds as their parents. Almost 80% use the same bank and 70% get an energy bill from the supplier used in their parental home. 100% of men between 18 and 24 years use the same laundry detergent that they used at home.


Are we being nostalgic about our childhoods? Do we just copy our parents’ brands of choice because we don’t know better or are we lazy? One thing is certain, our parents’ brands of choice definitely matter!


Growing older comes with a choice

While we get older we start moving away from the “mom & dad” brands. In all product or services categories we see a clear downward trend.


We see that almost 70% of the 18-24 age group are insured with the same insurance company as their parents. In the age group of 56 to 65 years, this is only 16%. Contrary to general belief, the older generation offers a greater potential for brands and their marketers.


There is one big exception to this rule. Almost 7 out of 10 Belgians stay true to “their” chocolate brand all their lives. Belgians and chocolate … an everlasting bond.


Children do influence their parents

Parents impact greatly on the brand choice of their children, that’s for sure! But does this also work the other way around? Yes, parents are also influenced by their children. Half of all parents would switch brand after positive feedback from their children. Parents value their children’s opinions as they feel that for some categories such as Food and Clothing, they are more in line with the latest trends.


Nicoline Spruijt: “The belief that the 18-24-year olds stand on their own feet when leaving home turns out not to be true from a brand perspective. Our Brandhome research shows that the change in brands comes much later in life. This insight shines a different light on assumptions often carved in stone. Brandhome has the mission to ensure profitable growth for our customers’ brands and that means understanding what is really going on. We try to always stay fresh in our mind. In this matter, the solution is closer to home than we thought.”


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