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Launch of Schoolgency Boston Launch of Schoolgency Boston

Launch of Schoolgency Boston

Where tomorrow’s marketing professionals are created

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Today, there is a big gap between how graduates enter the job market and what companies actually expect from them. Young professionals often lack hands-on experience. Brandhome believes that professional education should be a basic right in modern society. Therefore, we’re launching Schoolgency in Boston! Read the interview with founders Gegham Artsruni and Erik Saelens below.

How is Schoolgency different from traditional forms of education?

Traditional education models are centered around academic process enhanced with simulations of real-world situations. This system remained functional for decades if not centuries and supplied organizations with entry level professionals who would continue to learn and practice at their workplace. With current cost of education versus starting salaries this model becomes more and more dysfunctional, to the level that traditional has negative return on one’s investment. With rapidly changing technology and work environment, graduates more often than not find their knowledge and skills contributing very little to their success at the workplace. Does this mean that higher education is obsolete? We think not, but it is certainly outdated.

We believe that higher education is a human right not a privilege. We also believe that higher education must serve the purpose of creating professionals capable of contributing to their prospective employers from day one. With this belief we created Schoolgency, place where 21 century marketing professional are being created. Our program consist of an equal share of academic training and practical work. We provide knowledge, real-world skills and last but not the least, network to our students to ensure their smooth and ‘profitable’ career transition.

You mentioned your students are adopted by industry-leading companies. What does that entail?

This is what really sets us apart from traditional forms of professional education. Schoolgency’s sponsoring organization connect with our students from day one of the program and maintain a working relationship throughout the course of studies, aiming to hiring them full-time after graduation. While in school our students get to work on real projects assigned by our sponsors under thorough guidance of Schoolgency’s staff and associates who are experts in the field. This is not a simulation of real-world, this is real world. Projects are being assigned on rotating basis, meaning our students engage with several organizations and build a valuable network all while still in school.

I very well understand the importance of practical training: now tell me a bit more about the academic component of the program. What are the skills that you teach your students in the classroom?

Our academic program is based on most up-to-date marketing industry trends and development of skills that are high in demand. All our academic staff does for living what they teach our students. As an example, the course of digital marketing is being taught by a professional for whom digital marketing is a main job outside of Schoolgency.

What is the key benefit to your corporate partners?

Our corporate partners benefit from having a steady and predictable marketing talent supply. This form of hiring takes away the guesswork of hiring individuals the company has no prior experience with. Not to mention saving on hiring process itself. In essence, we provide our partners with a highly trained, tried and tested pool of applicants to furnish all their marketing talent needs.

What is the typical career path for Schoolgency graduates?

Typical career path for our graduates is mid-level professional job in various marketing disciplines at one of our partner organizations or elsewhere. From digital marketing to content creation and strategic planning, our graduates are ready to take their assignments with storm with a zero down time!

This is so shocking that I want to ask once more – Is your program absolutely free for all your students?

Indeed, thanks to our partners, Schoolgency is able to offer its program absolutely free to the students. Moreover, students can expect to be compensated for the work they do for our partners while in school. This income will help them with their living expenses for the duration of their studies.