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It’s a boy! It’s a boy!

It’s a boy!

10 questions to Jan

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What did you study and how was your student life?

I studied communication management in Antwerp. During these 3 years, I learned the basics of communication but I did not excel in anything specific. Afterwards I did one year at Belgian Advertising School, which was exactly what I needed. We did not have any books, teachers or exams. The entire year was about taking initiative, having fun and making mistakes. We received feedback from professionals and learned more from those mistakes than we could ever learn from a textbook.

What’s your greatest passion?

Photography. I am far from being an expert but I like taking in the environment to look for the perfect angle. Nature and architecture are my favourite things to capture. It helps me to calm down.

If you could be born in the past, in which era would it be and why?

Can I go back 65 million years? As a child, dinosaurs fascinated me. I even wanted to become an archaeologist. But instead of digging up dinosaurs in the dessert, I ended up here in the red-light district of Antwerp. And that is probably for the better.

Describe a silly/odd/strange habit of yours?

When travelling with a friend, we always ask people how to say ‘enjoy your meal’ in the local language. I can say it in 8 languages so far and ‘hyvää ruokahalua’ in Finnish is my favourite.

Jan, if you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

Batman… or Iron Man. They both do not have real superpowers, but I like their personalities. They are intelligent, a bit arrogant (and have lots of money).

What are you afraid of (except for snakes)?

I do not want to get too serious here, but I am very concerned about the effects of climate change on our planet. And I believe brands all over the world can have a huge impact.

What do you still want to accomplish in life?

Visit all 7 continents. Yes, that includes Antarctica.

Is there a nice fact we need to know about you?

I have a tiger! I once got an email from WWF saying that there are only 3.200 tigers left in the wild. So I decided to adopt one. Sad part: since a tiger needs 40km2 to live and hunt, my baby stayed in India.

If you could be an animal for one day, what would it be?

Being able to fly must feel amazing. I would not want to be a silly pigeon but the bird that eats the pigeon: a peregrine falcon. It is the fastest bird in the world and can reach speeds of over 300kph.

What is your ultimate Fri-Yay dress up theme?

Het Eiland, a Belgian tv show from a couple of years ago. If you do not know it, you are missing out on something.