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Brandhome hires a genie! Brandhome hires a genie!

Brandhome hires a genie!

10 questions to Niels

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Niels, where do you live?

I live in an old house in Deurne right by the park. The house has a roof and a front door, and that’s about it. But hey, artists don’t need much to live a happy life, right (cries on the inside).


What did you study and how was your student life?

First I studied English Literature at Antwerp University, got my masters, then I got my degree in graphic design. I was an exemplary student, really. For example, my highest mark ever was a 19 out of 20. Yeah, me so smart, me also talk pretty.


If you were born in history, in which era would it be and why?

I would love to have been born in America in the fifties. Cool cars, Rock and Roll, and milkshakes… what more could a guy ask for.


Describe a silly/ odd/ strange habit of you.

At home, I walk around in my underwear, whilst wearing socks AND sandals, always.


Niels, if you were a superhero, which one would you be and why?

I’d be the genie from Aladdin, that counts as a superhero, right? I’d love to be an all-knowing, omnipotent, blue man living in a lamp. Maybe without the slavery part though.


What do you still want to accomplish/ reach in life?

Write a book that inspires a generation, that would be nice. Or maybe learn to levitate in Nepal, that would be cool too, and find a place to put my trophy, if I had one. DINKLEBERG !!!!!


How would your ideal day (at work) look like?

I would get here by nine o’clock, and everybody would be like: “WOW! We never realized, but you are awesome. Here, have some money.” Because first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.


Is there a nice fact we need to know about you?

I have pretty large feet, but really small toes.


Why did you choose to be a creative designer?

I chose to become a creative designer so I could earn a lot of money and become rich, I guess I am not a smart man, but hey at least life is like a box of chocolates.


How would your family/friends describe you?

They would say: “Niels has pretty big feet, but really small toes, and a huge forehead that you could land planes on, and a gap between his teeth that you could park your bike in.” But at least my mom thinks I’m handsome.