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The Age of Attention is here The Age of Attention is here

The Age of Attention is here

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Dear Reader,

Eight years ago, we wrote our first book together: Triple-A: How to Build Authentic, Accountable and Activating Brands. What we wrote led to the creation of the Triple-A index, widely used by international brands today. In the meantime, what we predicted in terms of the importance of each of those three A’s has turned out to be true. Does this mean we can see and predict the future? No! We don’t believe in (nor do we consider ourselves) gurus, visionaries or any of those other ego titles. We’re just two senior strategic advisors driven by many years of global experience fixing companies and brands.

By doing this every day of the week on an international scale, we are able to see patterns as they emerge. Mix this with enthusiasm and curiosity, and you have a clearer view of what’s coming. Amidst the geopolitical, socio-demographic and economic challenges facing our globalized world, we decided at the end of 2017 that it was time to write another book.

A more philosophical book about choices in life. Choices that organizations and brands will have to make. Choices that consumers will have to make. Choices that you will have to make.

We took attention as our starting point, since we believe that real human (not humanized) attention will be the next big thing for brands in the Western world. We believe that positive attention, honesty and trust energize you as a brand, as an employee and as a consumer. Hence, we also believe that negative attention saps your energy levels, so jettison that right away.

What we see daily is that most companies have a solid strategy and a good team to back it up.

However, strategy can become diluted over time and change with the pressure to grow. The total effect may mean that you end up mired in mediocrity and fail to achieve the TOP results you’re after. Hopefully you will see that this is often just a matter of standing up again; however, it could mean that a strategic review is essential. You as reader of this book should aim to deepen your brand’s position, not broaden it to compensate for all the influences you face. You need to rethink how your position translates into the new reality we are facing now. How strategy can be translated into true human attention.

Read this book of twelve chapters in twenty-four days. One chapter every second day. Take time between chapters to reflect, look around, think about what you’ve read and come up with your own ideas. No one holds a monopoly on the truth – not even us. Which is a good thing – otherwise the world would be a boring place.

Enjoy your read, and may it bring you no end of inspiration!



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