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Investing in the digital media industry Investing in the digital media industry

Investing in the digital media industry

Brandhome speaks at STEP Conference 2016 in Dubai

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The digital media industry is booming. But is it worth investing in? Traditional media companies seem to think so. Then again, maybe it is the only way for them to be part of the digital era. VC’s and traditional investors can also participate in this technological growth. But are they comfortable with the fact that the business model of media start-ups is only based on ad revenue? If both parties combine their forces, can alternative revenue streams be found? Are media start-ups in MENA capable to survive in a market that is filled with state owned media and large media corporations?

As investment partner at Younnic, Erik Saelens, Brandhome’s founder and executive strategic director, is on top of this subject.

Younnic invests in ambitious technology in the MENA region by providing them growth capital in this fast growing market. And it works. So yes, the digital media industry is worth investing in!

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