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A new Brandhomie! A new Brandhomie!

A new Brandhomie!

10 questions to Julie

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Where do you live?

I live in Mechelen, or better in Bonheiden. Actually in Rijmenam, but seeing as nobody knows this small village I say Mechelen.


What did you study and how was your student life?

I finished a Master of Graphic Design last June, at the School of Arts in beautiful Ghent. I worked really hard as a student because I wanted to complete my course and I made it. So, I worked hard but enjoyed it. This mostly because I lived there for 5 years in an AWESOME house with the best 4 housemates ever. It was an amazing time, you can imagine that. For example, there was always someone home, even if no one knew the person who was sitting in our sofa. And my mom will be angry right now… because I said ‘home’.


What makes you a real Brandhomie?

I am a young, enthusiastic person full of passion for our work. And a bit strange. Sometimes.


Describe your creative way of working in three words?

Coffee – sketches – MAGIC.


What’s your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is typography and letters. And maybe it is a bad one, because when I am reading a menu, book, any text, I am thinking about the typeface.


If you were born in history, in which era would it be and why?

Definitely the Middle Ages. You could come up with any strange idea and everybody was open for it, if you could prove it with simple drawing that looked realistic. The world a flat square? Or maybe round?


What is the craziest thing you ever did?

My travelling. I took a break from September till the end of December. All by myself. And it was amazing! I could keep talking about it, so if you are interested, take a cup of coffee and have a seat. If you’re not, don’t start this conversation because I will keep going on about the beauty of the Fiji Islands.


What was the last gift you gave someone?

A Sansevieria plant. Because they are cool.


Why did you choose to be a creative designer?

You can make the world look better and prettier. Just by letting your creativity work. People will see an advertisement and get touched by it, or interested in it, and you made them feel that way.


How would your family/friends describe you?

As an enthusiastic, always smiling person, who is in to everything. If it is crazy enough, and funny.