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Shoe Discount rebrands as Bristol with the help of Philippe Geubels! Shoe Discount rebrands as Bristol with the help of Philippe Geubels!

Shoe Discount rebrands as Bristol with the help of Philippe Geubels!

But what does Philippe have to say about it?

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Give Philippe Geubels a chair and a keytar and he will give you his opinion. Sound like material for a commercial? That’s exactly what we thought – and why he’s the face of Shoe Discount’s rebranding campaign. Result: the (old) new brand Bristol! With the help of Brandhome, mother company Euro Shoe Group decided to unify Shoe Discount with its Dutch sister brand Bristol. After redefining the (spicy) personality of the brand, Brandhome and Euro Shoe Group sought to externalize this tongue-in-cheek attitude when launching the new brand. The custom tagline “There’s a bit of Bristol in everyone” sums up the new mindset perfectly.  

Shoe King, Half The Sole, Shoe Shoe. Philippe Geubels sure lets his creative juices flow when coming up with a new name for Shoe Discount (check out the clip here). But the decision to rename to Bristol came naturally. In order to create a single strong brand, popular in Belgium and the Netherlands, consistency was key. That’s why rebranding Bristol was the next logical step. The fusion will improve customer experience in Bristol stores and showcase the brand’s spicy personality. And who better than Philippe Geubels to put the money where their mouth is?

An authentic comedian who takes himself with a grain of salt: for Brandhome the resemblance to the new Bristol couldn’t have been clearer. Given his immense popularity in both countries, unleashing his no-nonsense humor on the new brand just seemed like the right thing to do, as did making him the face of the Bristol campaign. By employing Philippe to parody traditional advertisements, Bristol is reaching out with a strong, authentic tone of voice of its own.

Being a young brand, Bristol needed a strategy that reflected its mindset. That’s why a dynamic yet straightforward campaign on social media was the perfect solution. By targeting online audiences to increase the campaign’s shareability, Shoe Discount is preparing itself to morph into the younger, fresher Bristol that speaks to young and old, thus proving its tagline: there is indeed a bit of Bristol in every one of us.

Want to know what Philippe has to say about the new Bristol? Check it out here!