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Brandhome teaches at Miami Ad School Brandhome teaches at Miami Ad School

Brandhome teaches at Miami Ad School

Atypical cases in different markets

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With the Transatlantic Trade Agreement coming up, Western-Europe and the USA will get closer to do business. This will give opportunities for brand marketing.

Brandhome will use atypical cases to learn the students how to deal with making creative work in remote, smaller markets, as well as putting smaller remote brands/concepts into the immense USA market.

With a focus on using non-traditional channels or traditional channels in a non-traditional way, but with clear KPIs. The objective is to use creativity to crack the nut of the cases, using strategic insights and conceptual and creative thinking and execution. The students will get a taste of what it means to work in smaller markets. Or in other words: agencies in small markets develop an own mindset and approach to distinct themselves to large agency networks. The students will get a POV of using desk research to build remote campaigns. Or in other words: they will build strong brands in markets they have never visited before. We will bring this in an entertaining way, co-creating with the students as if they were part of our team.