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Voices of the future.

Branding and VUI.

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“Siri, do you have a boyfriend?”

– Why? So we can get ice cream together, and listen to music, and travel across galaxies, only to have it end in slammed doors, heartbreak and loneliness? Sure, where do I sign up?

Have you ever gotten into a random conversation with your phone? Whether you use Siri, Alexa or Cortana, they always know just what to say. Their jokes are no accident. Machines are on the rise. They are planning our days, making our reservations, ordering our cars. But where do they come from and who designs their creative statements? 

Voice user interfaces

Voice what? Voice user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming the next big thing. Our good friend Wikipedia tells us that a VUI makes human interaction with computers possible through a voice/speech platform in order to initiate an automated service or process. Let’s highlight the automated process. How do you build a VUI that people can actually converse with, whether it’s for a mobile app, a toy, or a home assistant?

Every user’s needs are complex and vary according to context. To deliver an amazing user experience, technology should be designed to respond to each scenario appropriately. Composing conversations is like designing information architecture. Ultimately you want to help people do things and find what they’re looking for. The goal is to write prompts and responses so users can easily accomplish the task at hand. However difficult this process may sound, it also creates new opportunities for brands. By introducing speech instead of text to (new) consumers, we can create a new vision in advertising.

Raise your voice

We’ve seen it all (or so we think). The truth is that advertising is abundant; it’s everywhere we look. The solution is simple! If we want the advertising world to move forward, then it needs to be filled with fewer, better ads. Try to capture the essence of a company and deliver a straightforward, clear message to consumers.

Deliver the perfect experience by shifting your focus towards a more expansive approach that considers all of a user’s senses. Take, for example, a mobile advertising format that lets people have a two-way conversation with the brands they love, with targeted interactive ads that bring a brand’s core audience on board. Siri has already changed the mobile interface, and mobile advertising shouldn’t prove to be any different. In the future it will be executed around the unique potential of the voice user interface.

VUIs can create opportunities for brands to expand their consumer relationships and brush up on communicating meaningfully with consumers in their own language. By taking a significant evolutionary leap forward, brands can create new services to accommodate consumers. Rethink how you would like to reach your client, don’t over-deliver on features, benefits and services. Go for a new balance between giving people what they want and what they need.

Connecting voice user interfaces and brands is like a match made in heaven just waiting to happen. For more than a decade, the (online) marketing world has been dominated by “display ads,” but they’re no longer the only game in town. Voice user interface is the new kid on the block. Let’s join forces with the new kid and go for better branding.