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The first marketing book that reads like a novel

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Two international top marketers meet in a bar. They start talking... and they see in each other a passion for brand marketing. For a whole year, they bombard each other with ideas on the meaning and future of brands, marketing, the world and life. This book is the fascinating story of their intense dialogue written in a unique storytelling style and at the speed at which they live their lives. From Antwerp and Dubai… to the world!

Join Erik and Kurt on their 365 daylong marketinglife travels across 51 cities, 17 countries, 4 continents and 8 time zones.


  • What if Jack Kerouac had been in marketing? This book could also be the script of a road movie. The authors are forever underway to the next assignment, mixing business and private life in a continuous stream of marketing consciousness. And it's in full stereo too. This is an intense dialogue between two busy professionals about the meaning of marketing, the universe and everything. Engaging and very instructive. Curious? See for yourself.

    Frans Cornelis
    Group CMO Randstad

  • Reading this book feels like sitting in the back seat of a 4WD with 2 new age marketers driving me around on a rocking adventure road through the time machine of marketing. It's a never before seen, storytelling way to explain the future of marketing and the role of branding in there. It brings great insight for next generation marketers through an intense dialogue that blends real life stories with new marketing wisdom. My God, I wish I had been there in that crazy Buddha Bar as well...

    Gunter Uytterhoeven
    CMO BNP Paribas Fortis

  • In tomorrow's world, all great marketing will require tension, drama and controversy. What's more, marketing's going real. It's about real people, real stories, real lives and real emotions. This book is exciting not only because of its content but its shape and form embodies that direction. Read this if you want to jump start your marketing career and develop the sensibilities of a real marketer from the future.

    Shiv Singh
    Author of Social Media Marketing for Dummies

  • When I talk to marketers, I usually think: 'Right, but I already thought of that myself weeks ago. And there was no big bill attached.' But after browsing through this book, I'm not so sure. It's an entertaining trip through the minds of two talented brand doctors. One is operating from our wonderful, pocket-sized metropolis called Antwerp, the other one from Dubai. For me, its main message is that you can only build a brand if you're truly connected to its heart and soul.

    Bart De Wever
    Mayor of Antwerp

  • Marketing is like a huge ever-expanding city. Classic marketing textbooks are like maps of the city, but different maps give different names to the same street and some streets are even unnamed. These maps can help but you will spend more time looking at the map than looking at the wonders around you, and you can still lose your way. You have to live in a city to know it. The second best alternative is reading travel stories and diaries written by those that live in the city. The writers of this book are street smart natives of Marketing City and will take you on a thrilling trip through the grand uptown avenues and downtown backstreet allies of Marketing City. A trip you wish would never end.

    Antonio Cano
    CEO AG Insurance, Member of the Management Committee of Ageas

  • What a ride! Definitely a roller coaster of marketing strategies, branding ideas and opinions. Entertaining, interesting, and well put for our future marketers! I have four boys, if one of them decides to get into the field of brand marketing, THIS BOOK full of advice and ideas will be the best gift for him!

    H.H. Sheikh Ali bin Jassim Al Thani

  • Reading this book brings up an exciting mixed bag of emotions. Firstly, I felt uncomfortable whilst breaching, albeit invited, into what looked like a private email conversation... Nevertheless, I kept going, just to feel even more uncomfortable. The two authors were actually reading my mind and writing it down with the aim of publishing it! There are no chapters, instead there is a 'fil rouge', a leading thought which is: marketing got too complicated, but not necessarily more 'intelligent'. We need to bring back simplicity to the core of our job and the thoughts in this book are a very good start!

    Marcello Maggioni
    CMO Vodafone Germany

  • Buddha Bar??? Who would even think to start a book about marketing from there!? Only two, innovative and genius men from the Marketing Industry. Follow them on their adventure as they go back to the basics of marketing, and attempt to remind the reader of the significant role marketing and branding play in the world. A fresh and fun approach that keeps you connected with brands that you know and love and why their marketing strategies worked... or didn't! Entertaining, creative and thought provoking! This is a must read for those of us who realize the value of Market-ability and those that have forgotten!

    Safak Guvenc
    Area Manager of Qatar, General Manager, W Doha Hotel & Residence

  • We all know the power of branding and the role of marketing. We all can read a book about them. But the best intellectual discussions always take place over a glass of beer in real life. Wait till you read this real life discussion between two smart Belgian marketers who are married to Dutch women and have been all over the world. To manage your expectations: this is not a book! It's a great, tasty meal about marketing and branding for now and the future in a very interesting dialog. It's like enjoying a Belgian beer that you wish would never end!

    Tarek Kabil
    CEO Abraaj Capital

  • Between meetings, on a late night, a late flight, at sunrise or at any other impossible moment or location Erik wrote THE BOOK, with great pleasure and dedication. He kept talking about THE BOOK as it became part of his daily life, a branded ritual. After reading this book I know this also accounts for Kurt. What makes this book special? You follow two highly talented marketers, also fathers, husbands, and best friends, and you look at the world through their marketing eyes: from theory to strategy to implementation and back. Start reading and learn!

    Machteld Schierbeek
    Erik's wife

  • Finally a book I can enjoy reading in my free time whilst at the same time being immersed with so many witty real-life marketing stories and examples that matter! If one of my sons opts for a marketing degree, this is a must read to get a perfect feel for the life of a marketer! This is a top-notch inspirational storytelling novel, using blunt/direct and straightforward language that draws you in and makes you eager to read more.

    Mark Pensaert
    CEO Leonardo & Co. Europe

  • The communication landscape has changed more in the last five years than in the last 20. It is great to follow two marketers in their journey, talking to each other and travelling the world, while being influenced by local experiences and evolving in their quest to find what has changed and what has remained the same. They use the unique format of dialogue, discussing, agreeing and challenging, using means also unavailable to us 10 years ago. This makes for a book that is alive, present and would not have been possible a short while ago. It's the quest of two marketers, who question their ever-changing environment, the need to adapt, and balance their experience with the hunger for the new. Enjoy!

    Niek Hommerson
    CEO Entergaming, Board Member Hommerson

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Erik Saelens

Erik Saelens


Founder & Executive Strategic Director
Antwerp, Belgium

Erik Saelens is a consultant and interim manager with over 15 years' experience in brand marketing and communications. Erik specializes in rebranding and renaming operations, and has researched and implemented more than 250 successful brand-change operations worldwide. Erik created the Triple-A brand index and published a book on Triple-A brands. In 2013 he published a book about the Brandhome method®. He also has a large fleet of orange gnomes.

Kurt Frenier

Kurt Frenier


Vice President Global Marketing
New York, USA

Kurt is a passionate marketer. Kurt has worked for more than 15 years in different marketing roles at PepsiCo in the Middle East and the States. Everyday of the year Kurt uses the 20+ years of marketing under his belt to support his Forward Marketing Thinking style. In his spare, free time Kurt writes novels, in English and Dutch, for children and adults but they are not always about marketing.